Terms and Conditions of Service

These Terms and Conditions of Service govern all principal aspects of the cooperation and interaction thereby must be accepted by all registered users. All sections of the www.junnex.com website by JUNNEX PTY LYD reflect these T&Cs and incorporate them automatically.

Principle provisions
1.1. Only persons of or above 18 years old, hereinafter the Client, Clients, may register an account with and invest in JUNNEX PTY LTD of (Exchange Centre, 20 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia), the Company hereinafter, using the Company's website, www.junnex.com.
1.2 Every private individual has the right to register, create and use only one account, which they will use for investment creation and partner solutions by the Company.
1.3. By creating an account, the Client is obliged to provide accurate and truthful information and personal data about themself. The Company has the right to refuse services to the Client at their discretion.
1.4. The Client accepts that they are aware that any messages or materials sent by the Company, as well as any messages or materials received from the Client will be stored in strict confidence as provided by the Privacy Policy. Any disclosures are forbidden. Also, any information, messages or materials contained in these T&Cs must not be considered to be an offer, request or guarantee for a positive outcome of the cooperation process in any jurisdiction, where unilateral offers, promises, requests or guarantees may be deemed unlawful.
1.5. All data submitted by the Client will be used for the private purposes only and will not be disclosed to third parties. However, the Company may not be responsible for any loss of data occurred beyond the Company's control, without its influence or outside its competence.
1.6. The CLient accepts full personal responsibility for their decisions related to the investment process. The Client makes investments using their discretion and agrees that past positive results may not be a guarantee for similar results in the future. The Client agrees that all information, content or messages published on the website in the past, present or future are for informational and educational purposes only and may not be reliable guidance for investing or serve as authorisation for particular investment actions.
1.7. The Company reserves the right to change, alter, modify or amend these T&Cs, investment offers, partner solutions or other programs and products at its sole discretion at any time, without giving prior notice to the Client, especially if such is required for protection of the Company's integrity, its commercial interests and safety of others. The Client accepts full responsibility for actual and complete understanding and agreement with these T&Cs.

2.1. Every investment performed using the website is a privte contract between the Client and the Company.
2.2. The Client performs all financial transactions at their own discretions and risk. They determine their investment offer and amount personally and voluntarily. Also, frequence of such investments are also an exclusive subject of the Client's discretion and their prerogative powers.
2.3. The interest rate for investments is calculated, paid and transferred to an investor account on a daily as specified by the selected investment offer. The principal (invested) amount will be returned to the Client's account balance at the end or upon expiry of the selected investment offer term.
2.4. After the company issues tokens, investment plans will be frozen. In addition to VIP partners and investors.
2.5. Those partners who work on Mining receives daily charges but the profit he can withdraw after 100 days.
2.6. If the deposit is terminated prematurely, only 13% of the deposit amount is returned to the partner's balance. The remaining 87% covers the costs of Junnex.
2.7. The Client has the right to choose any of the following payment systems to create investments in the Company's investment programs: Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin. 
2.8. Partner has the right to open an unlimited number of investment plans, even if they are repeated.

Partner solutions use
3.1. Our partner programme offers an additional income opportunity without further efforts and with a short turnover term. Our partner solutions have no expiry date. Every client is entitled to use any of these solutions offered by the Company provided they follow the terms of the particular solution.Partner status is lost when the partners close the deposit.
3.2. The Client acknowledges they are informed that any usage of spam technologies, other hard- or software technologies which provide an unfair advantage over the other users or assisting breaching rights of the Company or its Clients.

Changes to these T&Cs
4.1. The Company reserves the right to change, alter, modify or amend these T&Cs or any part of the website without prior user content at any time.
4.2. Information about changes to these T&Cs is relayed to the Client by appropriate means of electronic communications, such as email letters, using an email address provided by the Client in the registration form. Additionally, such changes may be published as notifications in the news section on the website.
4.3. Junnex withdraws a commission of 7% from partners who have replenished the balance from one payment system and "without opening a deposit" withdraw funds from the balance to another payment system.
4.4. Any such changes are effective immediately upon their publication in the relevant website section but no later than such notice has been published on the website unless specified otherwise by that particular notification.
4.5. If the Client disagrees with these T&Cs, they have the right to refuse their participation in the cooperation process in the future.