Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates how and when personal or related to it data is collected, used and stored by JUNNEX PTY LTD.

JUNNEX PTY LTD collects any personal data attributed to users, their preferences and investment interests using any means not prohibited by law.
Also, a part of such data is provided by users voluntarily on their account registration.

Collected information conditions of storage.
JUNNEX PTY LTD stores any information:
•    in complete confidence;
•    using the latest available technology;
•    using powerful storage servers;
•    using appropriate hard- and software to exclude any interference with the process by third parties.

JUNNEX PTY LTD uses the personal information provided by and collected from its users exclusively for improvement and optimisation of new products, services and general awareness.

Under no circumstances will JUNNEX PTY LTD disclose any provided, collected or requested information to third parties, except:
•    when such is requested by competent authorities;
•    disclose of the mentioned information was necessary for corporate security reasons and safety of other users.
If you do not have permission from JUNNEX PTY LTD, you agree not to do the following:
• Distribute materials, non-public information about companies, without having written permission from the company;
• Publish or disseminate allegations of offensive, obscene, forbidden content;
• Insult, threaten, intimidate  collaborators and partners of JUNNEX PTY LTD;
• impersonate another person or entity.
• Publish, transfer files that contain viruses or computer codes that are used to disrupt the operation, damage or limit the functionality of the software.
• Collect information about partners of JUNNEX PTY LTD or use such information to send unwanted postal and other materials.
You acknowledge that you are responsible for the acts or omissions in your account when the registration was completed. If you believe that someone else is using your data without your permission, you should immediately notify JUNNEX PTY LTD about it.
 If the partner doesn't work with his account within 15 days after the registration and there is no fulfillment of the requirements for receiving commission payments ( Opening of deposit, inviting partners ) , JUNNEX PTY LTD is right to temporarily block the partner until the documents are provided.
The Partner undertakes to inform JUNNEX PTY LTD about the place and time of event planning before the invitation is published.
The information that JUNNEX PTY LTD collects according to the privacy statement is processed and stored in Australia.
Partners who work with one investment during 4 cycles on the Plan 1 , 3 cycles on the Plan 2 , as well as 2 cycles on Plan 3, Plan 4, BTC, Junnex has the full right to stop working with such partners without explaining the reason.
The collection, use and storage of personal data are an integral part of the cooperation between JUNNEX PTY LTD and each of our investors, which is why every user automatically accepts this Privacy Policy while using our website and must inform others about this Policy upon granting them access to the site.